Choose between

  • Choose a website template from the gallery below
  • I will pop your branding, photos, copy and any other content in
  • Your website could be ready in as little as 1 day

This is when I design and build a website from scratch for you. I love being able to create something unique with my clients. This is a bit more work but worth the investment in time, particularly if you have put a lot of thought into your brand and your vision.

Regardless which route you take, it is still an all in one service and I customise things to your needs. So if you need help with creating your brand identity or sourcing content, images and so on, I can take care of that for you.



How Will You Build My Website?

All of the websites I create are powered by WordPress. It is hands down the best platform for websites and the best for SEO, which is what you need in order to rank highly in Google searches. I also use other tools and plugins which work specifically with WordPress in order to give me more options for customising it just for you.

Do I Need A Web Domain or Web Hosting?

Yes. You need both. If you do not have these already, talk to me first. I offer all in one packages and it usually costs more money if you buy all these things separately. It also means your website can be ready sooner.

If you already have an existing website and domain, that’s fine I can also work with that.

Can You Just Help Me Fix A Website I've Already Built On Wix or Squarespace?

I’m afraid not. I’ve tried designing with these platforms before, but they just do not provide all the features I believe you need to have the best performance from a website. I have also found that they are full of hidden pricing, much like low cost airlines, so they are not always as cheap as you think.

What I can do is build you website from scratch that should suit your needs for a long time. It will be built on WordPress and it will be fabulous.

What are the next steps?

Send me a message and lets arrange a time to talk. If you decide to go ahead with my services, I’ll book you in and give you some homework to prepare so that we have all the content we need. I only work on one project at a time so once I start your website, it could be completed in as little as a couple of days – but this depends on how much work there is to do. 



Nature. Animals. Quiet. Learning. Contemplation. Philosophy. Painting. Growing things. Making things. Music. Cherry blossoms.


  • Spiritual Artist
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Developing Medium & Animal Communicator
  • Massage Therapist
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Tarot & Oracle Cards
  • Yoga & Tai Chi dabbler




Kokoro means “heart, mind or spirit” in Japanese and I’m all about living wholeheartedly.

 I was born and raised in Australia but am about as international as it gets. I have German and Japanese heritage, I’ve lived in Germany, Czechia, Indonesia and the UK, which has been my home for 15 years. My partner is British and we have two Indonesian rescue cats who changed our lives (I included them in my self-portrait above). I worked for the BBC for many years, selling the best British content to broadcasters around much of Europe and I’ve shot weddings all across the globe. We are currently lost in Iceland, my spiritual home for the last 10 years.

Turning 40 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not kidding. I woke up expecting a mid-life crisis, but instead had an awakening, which I believe is just the other side of the same coin.

I realised that I was never going to feel truly content, happy or fulfilled unless I was able to express all my gifts and talents, which are quite varied. I’m creative but a technical geek, I’m intuitive but analytical, I’m an introvert but really outgoing and good at business. All my life I’d been told you have to focus on one thing – that was terrible advice.

I created Kokoro Creative in 2017 as a means to offer all my skills in the one place so I can help others shine. Because I don’t just make websites, it is never just about websites. Running your own business involves so much more and I know from personal experience as well client feedback, that it is always so much easier when one person can do it all for you.

So here I am and I’d love to help you.





You know, we get so much advice as we journey along in life, and you always need to go with what works for you. But the best advice I’ve ever lived by is to simply be true to yourself. It applies universally in all arenas.

Even when I was working as a Sales Manager, which didn’t feel like my true calling, I’d always be genuine. I feel that my successes came down to that (and a bit of luck thrown in).


When you are true yourself, you allow others to be true to themselves also.

If you have gifts, talents and these give you joy, why on earth would you not follow your heart and do these things? They are called gifts, because they are not just for you but for the rest of the world. For every class, therapy session, every work of art, every act of kindness, everything you make, there is always someone who enjoys it and appreciates it more than you know. Following your heart is doing a service to the world.

Ok so I’ve gone a bit off track here. But I believe in you, so don’t hold back. The world needs you to shine.


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