How to create a link in bio for instagram

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Have you noticed that many instagramers will often refer to a “link in bio” in their posts? Are you one of them? Well you know that it’s impossible to include more than one link there at any one time which is tricky when you have several different places you want people to journey to.

I’ve seen people using apps such as Linktree for this, but did you know there is absolutely no need for it. With a WordPress website, installed with a parent theme such as Divi by Elegant Themes, all you need to do is create a new page on your website with all the buttons/menu links that you want people to see and include that link.

The benefit of this is that:
(1) You don’t have to pay or register for yet another app;
(2) You have full control over the content, the branding and the way it looks;
(3) If you’re tracking your website visitor activity, say through Google analytics, then this is also very valuable for that;
(4) It makes you look really pro.

It took me less than 5 minutes to install my own, so you can definitely smash this one.


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