Signature Service

How It Works


Deep Dive Zoom Call

We get to know each other and go through all your business needs, challenges and future vision. You tell us which of our designs you like most and we plan the strategy for your website together.

We’ll agree on the date(s) to work on your new website.



Content Preparation

Before we can begin building your new website all the content needs to be ready to go. In our Deep Dive call, we will discuss whether you might need to hire a copywriter, photographer and brand designer or whether we may be able to help you out in house. It varies for each individual client.


Website Build

Assuming all your content is ready on time, we will go ahead and build your website on the date(s) agreed. We only ever work with one client at a time, so all our focus will be on getting your website launched.

We ask that you are available to contact on these days, so we can ask for your immediate feedback whenever necessary. You will be able to watch it progress as we go.


Website Launch

We’ll also make sure that your website is backed up, secure, all links are working, your essential SEO is set up and that your pages are indexed by Google.

If we do your brand identity, we’ll make sure you have your style guide and marketing templates so that you can create your social media posts and tell the world all about your launch.


Training Handover

After your website is launched, we’ll get back onto Zoom and do a 1 hour, recorded handover session so that you are able to easily update and manage your website yourself whenever needed.

You will have access to various video tutorials and training material which you can refer to when updating your website.


Ongoing Support

Our relationship doesn’t end with your launch. If you ever need help and don’t know where to turn, you can contact us. We know many respected experts who may be able to help you, even if we can’t. This includes social media or SEO experts, copywriters and so on.

You can also book us for extra hours if you need help with any design changes or updates to your website.


The New You

What It Costs



  • install your website with your chosen design from our catalogue, with all included pages
  • customise your website using your branding, colours, fonts etc.
  • add all your content, which you provide
  • install and set up your SEO plugin, make sure your site is backed up, secure, connected to your social media and any relevant third-party apps.

You will also need a web domain and hosting

We recommend Siteground, please see their pricing here. 


£150 per hour / £500 half day

Any of the below extras can be added either now at a future date. The time involved varies depending on your exact requirements and complexity of the work.

During your initial consultation we will discuss your needs and give you an exact quote.

Online Shop

  • We install your shop pages and WooCommerce
  • Connection to your payment gateways (Paypal, Stripe etc)
  • Product inventory set up

Online Courses

  • We install your online courses, hosted on your own website using LMS Lifter.
  • Includes sales page, membership area, client dashboard, set up of payment processing


We can write and subedit all your text for your main pages.

Brand Identity

Logo, Colours, Fonts, Style Guide

Additional Hours

If for any reason you need extra customised pages, future changes made and so on, we are available on an hourly rate.

Let’s talk about

We like to be very honest and to give you the best possible advice

If you are truly ready to make the investment in creating a professional website experience for your clients, then it is important that you have professional quality images to match.

A website is very much a visual experience, visitors get their first impression within 10 seconds. Photography plays a huge role in portraying the kind of image you would like of yourself and your work.

We already spend hours searching for, and curating, the best quality stock images in the process of designing our websites.  But you will still need photography of yourself and any of your own unique products or services.

Invest in a professional branding photography shoot.

We actually love to help you choose your photographer. We don’t charge for this and we don’t have affiliate or commission deals with any photographers we might recommend — in fact we flatly refuse these arrangements — but we find it helps the whole process, so that all your content is consistent in quality.

Usually it simply involves checking the portoflio of a photographer you’re interested in working with and saying, “yes! we love it, their work looks perfect for you and our vision for your website”.

We leave the arrangements to you though.

We’ll give you a photography guide to share with your photographer so they know exactly what we need for your website.

We all have the same goal of ensuring you have a stunning website and quality content to promote your work. It makes sense that we involve each other in the process — it’s a collaboration really.

It hasn’t happened yet, but we won’t start a website build if we feel your content isn’t fit for purpose.

We are really passionate about quality and that is the reason you choose us. We can postphone your dates if you need more time to get ready.

Your Questions


Do you build your websites on Wordpress?

Yes. Wordpress websites are the gold standard for the best organic SEO and easy to use design. This also means it is incredibly easy for you to add posts and update it all yourself.

But to create our high quality designs, we also use a variety of additional specialist tools, including DIVI by Elegant Themes. Their visual builder makes editing super easy for you, simply click and go.

Do I need web hosting and a domain?

Yes. You need both.

If you do not have these already, don’t worry, you can talk to us first.

We recommend and use Siteground for web hosting.

How soon can I get my new website launched?

It depends on several factors, including whether:

  • you already have a domain and webhosting and whether we need to transfer your website or can leave it where it currently is;
  • you already have all your content ready to go — which means all your copy, photos/images, brand identity etc;
  • you need an extras set up, such as an online store and online courses;
  • our current availability

In the most straightforward case, we can potentially have your website complete within a week, often within days.

We don't like to rush a project if it means the quality is not up to scratch. A lot of work goes into the preparation of your content and we give you our advice and suggestions on this in our initial consultation call so that you can plan ahead.

Can I just buy one of your templates and do the rest myself?

At the moment we are prioritising our designs for clients who book us for our full signature service.

Can you just help me fix a website I've already built on Wix or Squarespace?

We're afraid not. We are focussed on designing and building high end custom websites on Wordpress only. Those platforms should have a list of designers who can help you.

Do you also help with SEO?

Yes. We already install your SEO plugin and set it up on your main pages. This is usually enough fore most businesses but if you want to take it up a gear, we can point you towards some SEO experts for any additional work.

What are the next steps?

Please book a free consultation so we can discuss the fine details. It’s so much easier to exchange the information needed. And we love to chat!

Just for you..


Online Course

We will gift you lifetime access to a half-day online course about blogging, normally worth £250.


  • You will learn how to create engaging content for your audience
  • Valuable advice that will equally apply to your social media
  • We explain why blogging is so valuable for your business
  • Step-by-step tutorials on how to prepare and post your content
  • Watch at your own pace and whenever you need.


Shall we chat?

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