Every organisation needs high quality content to engage with their audience. This is even more important for non-profit organisations. Find out more how I can help.

Telling Your Story

Capturing your activities and stories is key to engaging supporters and increasing donations. This is achieved in many ways, but one of the most effective ways is to create short videos which can be embedded in your website and uploaded to your social media.

I have been creating short films for various non-profit organisations to capture interviews, stories or special events such as Fridays For Future or treeplanting events.

I have a background in journalism and have spent many years working in the media so I am able to shoot, self-produce and deliver to you high quality content with a quick turnaround for newsworthy events.

The consistent feedback I get (and also see for myself once the content is posted online), is that there is much higher engagement from supporters. Being able to show an audience exactly what you do gives people a much better understanding and appreciation, which also increases their likelihood of supporting you. 

You film, I edit

We might be in different countries, but this is not a problem. I can create engaging stories using the content you send me. These videos were filmed by volunteers in Indonesia using their mobile phones and sent to me on a monthly basis for editing. The goal for these videos is to encourage ongoing donations and to show exactly how those funds are being put to positive use.

One of the important aspects of any sort of fundraising activity is to give donors the opportunity to see how their donations make a direct contribution to your cause. It gives them a feeling of reward and satisfaction and makes them more likely to continue contributing. Donors are part of your community, so this kind of transparency and sharing gratitude is an effective way to strengthen your relationships with them.


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