I’m Christine Wehrmeier.

WELCOME to Kokoro Creative.

Kokoro is the Japanese word for “heart” or “spirit”. In honour of my Japanese heritage I have chosen this word to represent our values as I believe in wholehearted living.


I’ve always been creative since I was a child, but I did the grown-up thing (cough cough) of going to work for big corporations for the first 15 years of my career. I studied Psychology and a bit of Architecture, which I then never used again and somehow hop-scotched from Investment Banking to Television via some random jobs in retail and customer service.

I worked at BBC Studios for most of that time, selling TV programmes and formats to international broadcasters & digital media platforms and I was there long enough to have even worked with book, magazine, dvd & vhs licensing. I got to meet Sir David Attenborough, so I can die happy now.

My job involved lots of negotiating, doing deals, business strategy, forecasting, contracting, finance & marketing stuff – anything that would basically enable me to make as much money as possible for my employers.

At some point I completed my Diploma in Journalism, I’m not entirely sure why, I just thought it was interesting and I guess I was always interested in creating content. It definitely helped deepen my understanding of how media & advertising works, and I learnt all about blogging (when it wasn’t yet a thing), writing for newspapers/magazines, creating podcasts, videos and learning about all the legal aspects.

>> BTW. For the record, this whole section is breaking the rules of what I learnt at journalism college but I don’t care. This is my page.

In 2013 I started my own wedding & lifestyle photography business and in 2014 I left my role as a Sales Manager to be a full-time photographer.

I discovered that despite all my business knowledge & track record of making lots of money for other people, running your own business, is REALLY HARD. And I realised how LUCKY I was to have all that business knowledge in the first place to give me a head start.

I LOVED working for myself and being a photographer. So I worked my butt off.

Somehow I started designing websites, first for myself and then later for friends.

I began to notice that there are so many talented & courageous individuals working for themselves who don’t know where to start with websites and other sales tools.

There are a lot of DIY website options out there, but not everyone is technically minded, or has the time and it just confuses them. I also know from experience that promoting yourself is possibly the hardest thing to do.

After a brief return to TV Sales to save some money, I realised I just cannot work in corporate environments anymore. So in 2018 I packed it in for good and decided that my values had to change.

I had a bit of a spiritual awakening you could say.

I decided that from now on, my skills should be used in service to those whose work I think is really valuable for this world.

Who are these people? They are anyone who follows their heart and wants to help others. Whether directly or indirectly, you make this world a better place. You could be a yoga teacher, massage therapist or meditation tutor helping to undo the stress of the day so we can all have a greater sense of wellbeing. You could be a local business in our neighbourhood that helps create a sense of community in a lonely city. You could be someone making eco-friendly products, helping to undo and re-train our unhealthy consumer behaviour & wasteful attitudes and ultimately helping to protect the environment.

It’s YOU, who in being true to yourself, brings the soul back to society, in your unique way.

I love Iceland. This is my favourite cottage that I love to escape to with my partner. And this is my favourite horse, Smokey (although his real name turns out to be Thor). Don’t ask me about Iceland unless you want me to rave on about it for an hour or so and bore you with our adventures.