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We create beautiful websites for entrepreneurs, leaders & coaches

Your mission is to inspire and lead others to reach their full potential.

Ours is to enable you to create connections through a VIP website experience.

Do you want a unique custom website without going through the whole process of design briefing and figuring out all the technical stuff?

We’ve create an innovative design process based on a template system for convenience, but with the benefit of high-end quality and exclusivity.

You pick one of our designs, and we tailor it just for you.


Your clients will never want to leave

Signature Service

How We Help You


A personal, full-service experience


Custom WordPress websites


Brand storytelling


Online store & bookings


Host your online courses on your website


Build membership & communities


VIP client experience & onboarding


Social media integration


SEO friendly


Individual website coaching

What makes us


Limited Edition Designs

We combine the convenience of pre-designed templates with the benefits of unique, high-end custom designs. It means a quicker turnaround time to launch your website. We limit the number of sales of each design to 25 clients, so you will have something truly special.

Full Service Design & Build

Our aim is make the entire process as smooth and simple for you as possible. We take care of the website build and customisation. We can also help you find content such as copy, images and graphics. We may also be able to help you with your brand identity, depending on your needs. If you prefer an exclusive custom design, we can also help with that.

Easy To Update Yourself

All of our website templates have each page and section of the design saved in your website’s library. This means that if you ever need to make amendments, add new pages or customise your website, you can easily copy, paste and amend everything yourself.

No Additional Or Ongoing Fees

There are no hidden fees to continue using our designs. Our templates do need an additional DIVI licence from Elegant Themes, but this is a one off cost.

Social Media, Marketing & SEO Integration

A truly professional website works in synergy with your marketing. We follow Google’s best practise for organic SEO so that you don’t need to hire SEO specialists – unless you really want to get serious. You don’t need third-party apps to use your link in bio – we’ve got that included in your design already. We hook your website up to all your social media, mailing list and scheduling apps so it’s just one smooth system.

Futureproof Designs

Because we use the best tools to design your website, it should be able to grow and evolve with you. Unlike most DIY websites, there are few technical limits to what can be done. This is particularly important if you need an online store that can handle a large inventory, or if you want to maximise your potential with online courses and memberships.

Online Courses & Stores

Did you know that you can save money by hosting all your online courses on your own website? There is no need for third-party teaching platforms. We are one of the few creative agencies that include online stores and courses in our offering, because we know you need them. We’ll help you set up your store and courses, and show you how to add new content yourself.

Friendly Personal Service

When we created our business model, we decided that we would prioritise individual and personal service. We are not available everywhere and anytime. When we put our tools down at the end of the day we rest as wholeheartedly as when we apply ourselves to our work. So our focus is on getting our design and our service right. When we work with you, we work only with you. We give you our full attention. We prefer quality over quantity.

We are inspired by the dedicated Shokunin artisans of Japan


In Japan, a Shokunin artisan or craftsperson spends years learning and mastering their craft. They are dedicated to meticulously creating items and services of the highest quality. The greatest attention is given to ensuring their work is not only unique and beautiful, but that it adds true value to a person’s life. This brings a sense of integrity and social consciousness to their creations.

At Kokoro Creative, we strive to create the best experience not just for our owns clients, but for yours as well. Kokoro is a Japanese word which broadly means “mind, heart & spirit“, and which we chose to capture our wholehearted approach to our work.

We’ve imagined the best client experience for your visitors

When a visitor lands on your Kokoro Creative website, they feel the instant delight of entering an enticing space. From the moment they start scrolling, they are given a VIP experience. 

Every new page is as exciting as the previous one. Whereas with many websites the visitor can feel dropped once they reach the contact page, we lovingly craft an entire journey that makes your visitor feel cared for the whole way through.

The magic is in the hidden details

We spend months researching the trends, latest technology and SEO requirements, and planning the designs most suited to the needs of an entrepreneur and educator.

We’ve thought about your business and website goals, workflow, client-onboarding process and the overall customer journey. We want your visitors to feel the warm glow and reassurance of being in the most professional hands – yours.

By designing a website that integrates your systems – such as enquiries, scheduling and onboarding – we free you up to do the things you do best.

Real world experience in business

Our team draws on a wide range of professional backgrounds including design, architecture, psychology, photography and journalism. They also have extensive experience in sales, marketing and media for some of the biggest international brands.

We have an insider’s understanding of how internationally respected brands are developed, how to create engaging and meaningful content, and how all this applies to small businesses like yours.

As a small business, we understand the challenges and opportunities you may face. 

We help your brand rise to excellence

When you take this journey with us you don’t just get a website, you benefit from our expertise and business experience.

When we handover your website to you, we provide you with individual coaching on how to use your site and all the available sales and marketing tools.

We give you lifelong access to video tutorials and posts, so that you can make updates to your website yourself, anytime. We’ve made sure it is easy for you to update on your own.

If you ever need help, we don’t send you to a social media group to ask novice strangers for advice, we are here to answer your questions directly, so you receive the best quality solution and advice.

Our websites are designed to grow and evolve with you and your business. You can host your own online store, online courses, memberships and more.

Everything all in the one place.


The potential is


Simple Process. Friendly Support

We could have your website launched within a few days.


The process starts with a zoom call to discuss your business goals, challenges and strategy


You pick a design or let us create something bespoke for you


If you need help with brand identity, copy or images, we can either help or advise you how to proceed


We give you a launch pack with all your branding guides and templates for social media


We give you a live, recorded handover session when your website is complete


Access to free online tutorials so you can update and manage your website yourself


Launch & Celebrate!



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Your Questions


Do you build your websites on Wordpress?

Yes. Wordpress websites are the gold standard for the best organic SEO and easy to use design. This also means it is incredibly easy for you to add posts and update it all yourself.

But to create our high quality designs, we also use a variety of additional specialist tools, including DIVI by Elegant Themes. Their visual builder makes editing super easy for you, simply click and go.

Do I need web hosting and a domain?

Yes. You need both.

If you do not have these already, don’t worry, you can talk to us first.

We recommend and use Siteground for web hosting.

How soon can I get my new website launched?

It depends on several factors, including whether:

  • you already have a domain and webhosting and whether we need to transfer your website or can leave it where it currently is;
  • you already have all your content ready to go — which means all your copy, photos/images, brand identity etc;
  • you need an extras set up, such as an online store and online courses;
  • our current availability

In the most straightforward case, we can potentially have your website complete within a week, often within days.

We don't like to rush a project if it means the quality is not up to scratch. A lot of work goes into the preparation of your content and we give you our advice and suggestions on this in our initial consultation call so that you can plan ahead.

Can I just buy one of your templates and do the rest myself?

At the moment we are prioritising our designs for clients who book us for our full signature service.

Can you just help me fix a website I've already built on Wix or Squarespace?

We're afraid not. We are focussed on designing and building high end custom websites on Wordpress only. Those platforms should have a list of designers who can help you.

Do you also help with SEO?

Yes. We already install your SEO plugin and set it up on your main pages. This is usually enough fore most businesses but if you want to take it up a gear, we can point you towards some SEO experts for any additional work.

What are the next steps?

Please book a free consultation so we can discuss the fine details. It’s so much easier to exchange the information needed. And we love to chat!

Our Promise

We know that the process of researching and finding the right website solution can be confusing and overwhelming. We also understand that trying to translate your vision to a designer can be daunting.

We want to keep everything as simple and stress free as possible, so we have created a full “done for you” service based on something you can already see.

Our Limited Edition designs are available only for a select amount clients and then we retire them. This means you can have a unique custom design at a more affordable price and quicker turnaround, while also not having to settle for the same old high street website templates that everyone else already has.

All of this with friendly and personal service.

We are here to wholeheartedly help you, help others.


Christine Wehrmeier


“Christine welcomed me to the world of websites!

She took the ‘overwhelm’ out and helped me to step into reality instead of just dreaming about what I ‘could’ do. In short, she created a blinding website.

Christine provides fantastic follow up support and is quite frankly one of the loveliest and most genuine people you’ll ever meet.”


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